Greys anatomy-bokhee an-scrub nurse-bokhee-queen bokhee
Careers in Healthcare
Scrubbing In With “Grey’s Anatomy” Star and Real-Life Nurse BokHee An
With over 50 years of experience as a scrub nurse, BokHee An brought a unique perspective to the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” She spoke about what the show got right about the medical profession, and how she balanced working full-time while simultaneously filming.
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Gynecology-nurse practitioner-nurse clara-representation-diversity
Careers in Healthcare
Catching Up With Nurse Practitioner and Social Media Star Nurse Clara
Clara Jones (AKA Nurse Clara) is a gynecology nurse practitioner based in Atlanta, who uses her online presence to share her personal and professional with fellow healthcare workers and the public. We talked to her about how she found a career in gynecology and why diverse representation in healthcare matters.
scrubs-boston marathon-roecker
Empowering Our Nurses
Why One Nurse Ran a Marathon in Scrubs
Nurse Samantha Roecker’s favorite part of her job — the responsibility — is also her least favorite part.